Monday, December 31, 2007

Still sick with a cold. Can't half see; can't half breathe: you know, the usual cold stuff. Except for one thing; it will take many weeks to get over it.

More when I feel like it.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

I have a cold; I am ill tempered; I am still very lovable.

I've decided to get my hair cut; it is now longer than at any time in my life. I will have to pick a fairly mild day because a trip to the creek will be called for. Nothing like a good immersion in running water to flush away loose hairs and clippings thereof. Nothing like a good case of pneumonia to round out the winter!

I've been reflecting on this year that is leaving us. It will dump us into a new year and we are totally unprepared. Take each day as it comes, I suppose.

Some reflections tomorrow... or whenever.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas leftovers are all gone. We did Christmas dinner differently this year; no turkey or ham. Fish, baked beans, baked potato, slaw, and corn on the cob made for a different and satisfactory meal. Plenty of cakes, pies, and candy for desert. Jeremy came in and was to eat at his other grandma's house on Monday and had to head back home Tuesday, so we ate our spread on Sunday.

This has been an uncommonly quite week. Not a lot going on in the blogs I read, postings to Flickr have been slim, and I haven't had much to write about.

Keep on smilin'...

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Nothing of importance going on in my little corner of the room this evening...

Hope everyone is ok!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Today has been busy and I am tired. Once again the computer is running at full throttle, and I've been working on year end taxes, along with doing some writing... a lot of writing. Most of the stuff I'm composing at present is basically rubbish—see yesterday's post—and helter-skelter pieces of thoughts that flitter through my brain on their way to oblivion.

I went to a hilltop just after sunset to watch the stars rise. It is a good place, with a view of far horizons with only small obstructions. and not much light pollution. I was looking for the constellation Leo. I always begin anticipating the lion at this time of year, because it slowly climbs the zodiac until it becomes very prominent in April. In other words, it is my springtime symbol in the night sky. As the Three Wise Men followed the star in the east to find baby Jesus, I follow Leo to find an infant Spring. This has been my ritual since the early eighties and my college days.


The photo is of my grandson, Jeremy. He was home for Christmas, along with Courtney, his girlfriend, and Rimmy, his canine friend. We were very sad when he left going back to Atlanta. Thanks to all of you who thought about him and asked about him when he was injured.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Silent Night

Hoping everybody is having a beautiful holiday. Was Santa good to you?

Merry Christmas, Alice!!!

Merry Christmas to my online Friends and Family!!!

Merry Christmas to my kin, wherever you are!!!


This actually turned out to be a good Christmas, even through my grumpiness and complaining. My only regret is not being able to get Carolyn a present... she understands, though. Maybe next year...


Today, I will visit my aunt and give her jars of locally made jelly, jams, and such. She and my cousin always make candy and cake for us.


I've still got a lot of software to install and settings to tweak. I'm getting too old for this malarkey. I'm in no hurry as I still have my reliable Linux computer. I can't do all the business stuff from it due to not having a version of Quickbooks that will run well there. Other than that, the free-of-cost Ubuntu Linux is a much better operating system than Windows. I don't use Internet Explorer, preferring the free and secure Firefox instead. Firefox is on all my computers. Besides, Ubuntu has Mahjong installed.

With Ubuntu on your machine, you don't need a stack of disks to install software; it is basically a two click process. Linux has plenty of free software, including a very good genealogy program called Gramps, that will import LDS type files. It comes with Open Office already installed. OO will read and write to most MS Office files. Google has versions of Picasa and Goggle Earth for Linux. Basically, anything you can do with Windows, you can do it faster and more securely with Linux.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Rimmy waiting for Santa.


From the bottom of my Grinch infested, Scrooge ridden, evil heart, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas.


My main computer has been broken for a few days, and I'm just now getting repairs finished, Windows reinstalled (a pain in the gluteus maximus). I've four or more hours of software installing to do before I rest.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

The blues are out to get me, thats the way it seems...

Today begins the march toward springtime. I dislike to wish my life away, but I do hope how soon this Christmas crap is over with. I look forward to warm spring breezes, fields of bright buttercups, the pastels of new leaves growing from the trees, and evenings on the porch entertaining mosquitoes.

I hope in these last few weeks I've made everyone feel bad about Christmas; after all, I am the Grinch. Even better, I'm grouchier than the Grinch. "On Max, to Whoville! I must win Martha May Who's heart!"

Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas looms just like doom. Christmas should be treated like a disease instead of being glorified. Yes, I have a grouch going. I like being grouchy; I just don't like having things to grouch about. I want to live in a perfect world; a world created by me. No, I don't want to be God or a god. I just want to build it and live in it like everyone else. Trouble is, my perfect world won't be perfect for anyone else. At least I have my perfect world in my mind, and I can retreat to it when the "real" world gets to be too much to cope with.

In my world, all the good things from my past are there to soothe me. Growing up in my grandmother's house is the best memory I have. The only expectations she had of me was to be good; she was a simple person and I want so much to be like her. My mother pushed me to get an education and be a good student. She was right in doing that, but of course, I rebelled and became just another person in the crowd. Thus have I remained. It is my world.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

What do the rest of you girls do when you wash your hair and it just flies everywhere when it dries? Especially in winter with all the static filled air. I look like I've been hanging out in Dr. Frankenstein's lab. Conditioner is out of the question because my hair gets oily by the next day anyway. I suppose I could get these lovely locks sheared...

Finished what little Christmas shopping I'll do this year. Funds for such have been scarce this time around. We cut back by fifty percent, and still paid out more than $500. Carolyn and I will do without buying for each other; maybe after tax season we can get a breather and take a day or two vacation.

I've already begun working on year end business taxes; that's why I'm uploading some poopy photos to Flickr. Time ain't on my side, regardless of what the Rolling Stones say. The IRS ain't Mr. Nice Guy, either.

I did manage to dig out a nice flower photo for a friend. The flower has special meaning for her... It made me happy.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

For Becky

Why must our babies suffer? Why must our children die? This precious three year old baby died of liver cancer. Look at the beautiful, sweet smile. No, I didn't know this little one; I saw her in an obituary notice.

Is it not bad enough we are sending our kids to be killed and mangled in a piece of the world that doesn't want us there to begin with? Why can't we take the money going into making war and use it for making people healthier, including stem cell and prenatal research? We can do so; but we chose not to. It is much more convenient to ignore it and say it was God's will; after all, she wasn't our baby. Yes, she was our baby!

This Christmas, when your children are opening presents with eyes aglow, stop for a moment and think about Becky and all the other children whom are suffering and dieing without being given a chance to live. Think about the families who loved them as you love yours. I've shed my tears for Becky, and I may cry some more. I hope you have a little place in your heart for Becky and her family.

Sherry ‘Becky’ May--Age 3

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ok; so I'm a hypocrite! At least I admit it and am not ashamed. I'm speaking of the nativity star photo I posted on Flickr today.

I was in Wally World at midnight buying Christmas gifts. Again, I'm a hypocrite. The one thing I forgot to buy this year is Christmas cards. I put it off, and now it is too late. I could get local ones delivered, maybe; the US mail service sucks. But, after last nights doings, my knees are too sore for another jaunt. I can walk fairly well, but the pain from sitting down and getting up is almost unbearable. I hope everyone will understand I am a senile and feeble old codger and forgive me for not sending cards. I like to create and print the cards, but I'm out of card stock, too.

There was a beautiful moon last evening; one with a halo of ice crystals. Tried to make a pic, but the halo was too thin to show well.

The photo is of some fripperies Carolyn has collected.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Cold. We geezers tend to stay in and stoke the fire on days like this. Ain't as much fun with a gas fueled fireplace.

Just a few more days 'til solstice; Saturday 22nd 1:08 am. You will celebrate... won't you? After all, if not for the pagan holiday rituals of winter solstice, Christmas in December would be very unlikely. Both are a celebration of a new beginning. For Christians it is fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies of the beginning of the final days. For pagans, it ends the old year and begins the new with promise of renewal and lengthening of the number daylight hours. I'll side with the pagans.


My wife found out today that Joe is married and has a kid on the way. I've got this creepy feeling all over me that says I'm going to be a pappy by proxy. This just keeps getting deeper and more foreboding. Science is beginning to believe in parallel universes; cripes, I'm living in one and I am living proof that such places exist.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

It is snowing.

I'm back home. Just checked to see what ol' Joe left me. He seems to have taken the underwear and socks I didn't have room for when I left. He tapped my wife and took my underwear; damn, I wish he hadn't carried off my bloomers.

I'm alone again... and loving every minute of it.

I am going to pull a chair up to the window and watch it snow...!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Today has been fairly warm, but dreary. Another day closer to spring. Haven't been out to shoot photos, and that makes it worse. Oh, well...

Supposed to have some rotten weather tomorrow; maybe I can find a game to watch on tv.

Not many photos have been posted on Flickr today, so I will wait 'til tomorrow to comment on them.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Jeremy is ok, I am alone, and my feet hurt. Life is good. Thanks C. and A. for thinking about him, and for your comments.

El Creepo Joe has again flown the roost, and Carlyn is demanding I return HER car to her. Last I looked, both our names were on the title, so I told her to take a flying f~ck at the moon. She hinted that I should visit her! I know what she wants, and I'm the only one who can give it too her. She needs me back at the computer catching up on her business stuff. I passworded some critical files, because I knew sooner or later Joe would push me aside for a while. I'll let her struggle through another payroll, then I may go back and help her out. This motel living is expensive; I hate to think I'll have to move back in with her.

I'm going to have to get a haircut. I'm relearning why I went for years with nerdy, short hair; when the long stuff falls out, it migrates directly to my mouth, or to whatever I'm eating. I grew this fantastic white beard to catch some of the hair before it goes asunder, but it helps very little with fallout into food. The last week has been spent mostly gagging on long, gray hairs tickling my throat and wrapping my tongue, Whoops! Sorry if you were eating while reading this. Heh heh...

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Jeremy will be ok. He has bruises and a very sore neck, but is back at his apartment. After he left work yesterday, a car pulled out in front of him and when he swerved to miss it, a moving van hit him head on. The entire front of his car was pushed back; some of it in the seat beside him. The van axle was knocked asunder. He was wearing his seatbelt, and it gave him most of his injuries; without it, he would have gone through the windshield. He was driving a big 80s model Cadillac, but if he had been in one of these new small cars, no telling how he would have fared. They airlifted him to the hospital, fearing a broken neck.

That is about all I have to say today... except Buckle Up!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

We just got word that our grandson has been hurt in an auto accident in Atlanta. If you don't hear from me for a few days, it is where I will be.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Portrait of Poop

Not much happening today. Went on the porch and took some photos of bird poop. The weather is exceptionally warm and beautiful, but I suppose it will get over it. Forsythia has some blooms. Raccoon got into the bird feeder again last night.

The weather is teasing hell out of me. Just a few more days 'til my second favorite day of the year: Winter solstice. My favorite day is when daylight savings time begins.

The photo is entitled "Portrait of Poop".

Monday, December 10, 2007

Cloudy and dreary again today. I am having one tough time getting through the winter blues and Christmas blahs this year; worst I ever had. Doc offered to write a prescription for medicine, but I take so much stuff now, I don't want anymore. Unguents, ointments, spells, pills, and potions are enough to drive one to drink. Maybe some bottled spirits are what I really need. At least I won't care if the sky is gray when I take by mouth as needed.

Instead of getting a bottle of Black Jack as I planned, I bought a jug of Jim Beam. Jack is much better sipping whiskey, but I decided to drink. Don't waste Jack as a mixer when cheaper will work just as well. Beam is a good, mellow bourbon and will blend with about anything; actually anything if you are drunk to begin with. Stopped at Kroger and picked up the fixins for whiskey sours, and it is what I'm enjoying as I write this.

Even the sun came out and the temp hit 70 degrees, making me me feel better. Tomorrow is supposed to be in the mid to upper 70s. Maybe I can get through this winter after all.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Got out in the rain yesterday to make a few photos, and as always, nothing remarkable was produced. By the time I got to the last location, fog had reduced visibility to less than a quarter mile, and it is still raining today.

For years, I've heard about a locally famous barbecue restaurant near Piney Flats. Finally paid it a visit while I was out, and the the food was very good. I had beef barbecue, fries, and slaw. They smoke the meat on premises, and make their own house sauce. The meat was tender and extra smoky. In fact, a little too smoky for my taste. The sauce was very good, but it had a little bite to it. I like my sauce a little sweet, but I ate all of it. The restaurant's name is Ridgewood Barbecue, and the late Benny Parsons of NASCAR fame ate there each time the big show came to Bristol Motor Speedway.

If you plan to eat in, be ready for at least an half-hour wait to be seated at a table. They have limited room, and the place is always crowded. The personnel are fabulously friendly and accommodating. I chose to get a take out, and drove to a secluded spot to have my meal.

The above photo is of Johnson City's best cafeteria, but it is now closed.

Friday, December 07, 2007

The photo was made last summer in happier times...

I'm sitting in a motel room, trying to get something done on a laptop pc that has only a 13" screen. Not quite large enough for old eyes. Fortunately I'm myopic, and able to put my long nose against the glass and see what I've typed. Can't get on Flickr, 'cause I forgot to being my new password with me. Changed all my passwords when I heard Joe was back in town, and they are stored on the desktop at home, or what used to be home. I remember one or two of them, but not for Flickr.

Anyway, I've been evicted by my wife or Joe's wife or whomever the hell's wife she is. Carlyn came in late again last evening, and this time she didn't bother to take a shower. I could smell the bastard all over her when she came to bed, so I raised a ruckus 'til mid-morning, when she told me to get the hell out. I left with the few clothes I could push into an eight gallon trash bag, this laptop, my cell phone, and my camera. Actually the cell phone belongs to Carlyn's company, and I expect it to be disconnected shortly.

I called Carlyn this afternoon to see if she would allow me to get some more stuff and my password list. I don't suppose I have to say who answered the phone?

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Finally got a day off and managed to waste it. Didn't get out of bed 'til nearly ten this morning, then I had a hangover from sleeping too long.

Watched the Lady Vols put a big hurt on Old Dominion last evening, but I still don't consider them the best team in the country. That would be the despised University of Connecticut Huskies. Pat Summitt has done a great job over the years, but I believe there are other coaches in women's basketball whom are better. Even with a super-player like Candace Parker, she still allows the team to perform at mediocre levels way too much.

How are things in Philadelphia? Ready for Christmas? Kids excited, or are they at the age where they pretend they aren't.

Haven't heard a peep from good old Joe, unless the fact that Carlyn came home from work two hours late last evening means anything. She came in and took a shower; something she rarely does before retiring. I asked her the obvious, but she was too tired and sleepy to talk about it. Sure! She was in an awful good mood this morning; something else unusual. She still won't say where she was, except "working". Phooey! That is the reason I slept so late today; worrying about this crap.

I guess to her it is perfectly alright; after all, Joe and I are the same person. One thing for sure; Joe and I know differently. Neither one of them has made my short list for Christmas gifts.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Rotten, rotten day with crappy weather to boot. Day began cold, warmed into upper 50s, fell into lower 40s, and is still sliding. Off-and-on cloud cover has turned to threatening gray skies, with snow flurries promised for tonight. Had to get blood work done, run errands, and partook of a scrumptious meal at Burger King. Indigestion for desert. To top it off, some lowlife swiped gas out of the Escape last night.

Worse yet, it is only one day closer to spring.

That creep clone of mine hasn't shown his face or called all day, and it worries me. I know for a fact that his mind is most devious and at least slightly warped. Sooner or later he'll show up, and I hope I'm here to greet him before Carlyn does. If he gets to her first...

I wanted to spend a few minutes at the park today, taking photos and checking out babes on the walking trails. Hell, I'm afraid to leave home without Carlyn. I tell her to stay away from him and she tells me Joe is my baby and I'll have to live with the situation or get rid of him myself.

My Christmas spirits are at an all time low.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Thanks Robin, for allowing me to visit Paris with you. I do have some the spirit of the of the city now that I've read your descriptions and most of all, your feelings.


Another busy day, and I'm supposed to be retired. I'm just tired. Time sheets are finished by the bookkeeper, and payroll is ready to go to the accountant, both of whom happen to be me. Tomorrow I will print paychecks and send them to the CFO for approval and signing. I am not the CFO. Then it will be errands 'til about 4:00 pm, at which time I may be able to relax. I haven't had time or opportunity to get out and do any serious picture taking for more than two weeks, nor have I had time to comment on a lot of contact's photos, but I have been on their photo streams to look and admire.


Joe/Ken is definitely back in town. He called this morning and asked to speak with Carolyn; the nerve of that home wrecker! It's bad enough he is perfectly like me in so many ways, but the s.o.b. has the gall to be a better lover than I. And with my wife. Just can't figure that one out. She won't even tell in what ways he is better; she just gets a dreamy, far away look, smiles, and shrugs me off. I've got to think of something to keep that turd away form my life; especially my wife.


I hope you all are enjoying your Holiday season. Most people do, I think. I'm sitting here sucking on a candy cane and for some reason, it tastes like a margarita, and that ain't bad. I may get some Christmas spirit after all.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Today has been the busiest day for me in weeks; seems all the bad karma I've built over the past year has thrown a flying whoopee at me. Children to deal with (my grown delinquents), bills to pay, paperwork out the bazooka, prepare a bid for a job, run to the bank, and finally have a TV dinner for my day's repast. Ugh; yuck; and phooey. No wonder folks say I'm a cynic.

I understand through the grapevine ol' Joe/Ken is going to make a visit. You remember Joe, the perfect clone I had made of myself back in March? I hope that turkey stays away. Never in my life have I wanted kill anyone, at least not until Joe came on the scene. I've changed all my passwords on the computer, so maybe he can't screw around with that. I'm afraid what he can screw around with is my wife, just like he did before I bought him a one way bus ticket to Los Angeles. What a sorry piece of work he is. Christmas is bad enough, and he can only make it unbearable.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

The Grinch is killing Christmas trees. These are some of the same eastern red cedars in the nearby park I recently wrote about.

Someone or something has destroyed them all. Trees outside the park seem ok, and that leaves the question of who and why. Sure, these can be pest trees, but only to a farmer or someone that doesn't take care of their property. Here, they were anything but pests. My reporter's nose is itching, and I intend to find the who, what, why, where, and when of it all.


About Christmas as a religious holiday. I double-dip dare any one of you to show where the Christian bible it says the birthday of Jesus should be celebrated. You can't, 'cause it isn't there. No one knows for sure in which month He was born, much less the date.

Christmas is an excuse and not a reason for Christians to celebrate. Celebrations of the winter solstice and the coming of more daylight hours goes back to early pagan times. Also, the Jewish Chanukah religious holidays occur just prior to the solstice. The early Christians that weren't Jews naturally wanted to have celebrations not tied to the past, so Christmas was born.

If you celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday, then it is something not taught or mentioned in the bible. For those people who accept the bible literally as God's words, and yet celebrate Christmas as the birth of Jesus; tsk, tsk. Isn't it a little hypocritical?

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