Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sex and Apple Butter

Happy video from my favorite music genre ... snort, hee-hee ...

Do you ever dream about being in public naked?  Being somewhere you cannot readily get to your clothes or anything else to cover yourself? I've dreamed such a couple of times and they were the scariest dreams I've had since I was a kid dreaming of being chased by a giant. The naked dream must be fairly common because I've read about other people experiencing it. I haven't tried to find out what it means and have no intention of wanting to know. However, with a fine bod like mine it isn't the worst thing that could happen in a dream.

There are only two things worth living for: sex and apple butter.

Not much going on today. I hope to see all my readers on Megashot.

Monday, September 29, 2014

"Let your love flow ...

... like a mountain stream"

A rainy wash day in the hills. I won't be surprised if we have our first frost in a week or so. Usually before mid-October when the ice man cometh. I hope the leaf color will be awesome this year.

Last week was a mixed one with a lot of good and enough bad to make me thankful for the good.  Anyway, it was a learning week and I had good teachers. I now hope I can pass the poetry of life test they meted me.

I still do not "get" the American system of politics where we are expected to vote for the lesser of two evils. Let's get the money out of the thing and vote for the better of two goods. I don't expect anyone to be another Abe Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, or Jack Kennedy but I do expect them to be honest and favorable to the American worker. It is up to us to take the government back because the rich are not going to give it up without a fight.

Have a happy, memorable week, my friends.

Sunday, September 28, 2014


Yesterday’s blog? Really? I was daydreaming about getting my back scratched.

Friday, September 26, 2014

... i love you ...

Always, Love
… ummmmmmmmmmmm …ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh … ahhhhhhhhhh yes yes yesssss … round and round … yessss like that … lower … ummmmmmmmmmmmahhhh … more … yessss … you know how to please me … don’t stop … ummmmmmmmmmm … i love you …

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Sentimental Journey

Not much new going down. I did entice a Flickr member to join Megashot. I have enjoyed her creativity in photography for several years and I look forward to the fine work she will post on our site.

I am working hard on Megashot, trying to comment on each new photo uploaded by members. My fingers are beginning to tell the tale but they will just have to suck it up and stay busy. I don’t have much in the line of new photos of my own so I am working on old ones, a lot which I have never shown before. I have really learned a lot from Cyrus, Maggie, and the rest of the contributing members.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Still learnin' my lesson

String of Bones
A couple of people online have sure taught this old dog some lessons recently. Hope I have sense enough to live by what I’ve learned.

Ah, mid-week and I no longer have my Wednesday blues like I had for a few years. It is good to once again have purpose. I am finding it difficult to come away from Megashot and do the other things which have become part of routine.

I’ve been watching a documentary series on Roku PBS channel about Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt and their respective rise to be presidents of the U.S. It is by Ken Burns and he always thoroughly researches his subjects. Being an American history student, I am getting a good education about the two admirable men.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Lovely autumn day in the hills. Flatland autumn is nice enough for some but in the hills, Nature seems to fold upon itself giving us much more beauty per area than anywhere else. I suppose everyone cannot be as lucky as me.

Let’s see, Friday last was my friend Fred’s birthday, Alice and his wedding anniversary, and their daughter Vanessa’s birthday. After 34 years since Fred left us, I still miss him as much as ever. If I am not mistaken tomorrow is Alice’s grandson’s birthday. Last Saturday was Carolyn’s birthday but she doesn’t want to talk about it.

Is Google’s G+ doomed to the waste heap of bad ideas? Google has just stopped requiring people to sign up for the social service when they open a Gmail account. Most social site users are on Facebook and Twitter and do not want another service forced upon them. Without the Gmail tie-in, G+ growth will probably fall dramatically and sooner or later will morph into something else like MySpace did or be dropped altogether by Google. I hope they remove the G+ account requirement from Youtube, too. My videos there are what keeps me having a G+ account.

I am still having a great time on Megashot; if you haven’t joined us now is as good a time as any.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Goodbye To You

Sometimes we should say “enough is enough” and move on.

I’m back on Megashot and having a fine time. Even though I have no new photos to share it is great to see and comment on the wonders being posted by old friends and new. Cyrus sent me some screen shots of version-2 which I hope will be ready for public use soon.

Autumn has come with some rain and much cooler temperatures.  However, the clouds over the mountains are very nice, still having some of summer’s fluffiness.

Have a good worsh day and week!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Playing with photos

I am once more active on Megashot, not as much as I need to be but about as much as I can do. I now have the urge to get back to the hills this autumn and do some color shooting. Damn, I miss having the camera against my face, holding my breath while composing the shot, and finally releasing thew shutter. The photos are great to see but the real thrill is in the making.

I downloaded Microsoft’s free Movie Maker and am playing around with it. It is not hard to use but the results so far are unsatisfactory. I tried making a slideshow movie with music and the music is okay but the photos look like poop. Above is my first try. I will let you know if I can get better results.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

An Outsider's Insight

Will Scotland vote for independence and self rule?  It seems to me to be a mistake if they do so in this troubled world. Independence today and possibly something like ISIS setting up shop tomorrow and no way to stop it from happening.

Whom else is threatened? Poland and Eastern Europe. Poles have a history of aggression from Russia and if Putin succeeds in Ukraine, and he likely will do so to some degree, Poland and neighbor countries could be next. Even if NATO steps in to try and stop Russia, it will still mean war in these countries with fragile economies.

Can ISIS be stopped? Probably but it is only the next threat in the Mid-East. At least Saddam Hussein was a known constant but now the entire region is in greater flux than it has ever been, all because of the West’s gluttony for oil.

How much of a threat is North Korea? Not much as long as the leadership fears for the life of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un. I don’t think he is the actual leader of the government but he is the one the people there fear. I believe the military is in firm control of the country and Jong is but a puppet.

Ebola? Be afraid; be very afraid. Our government isn’t telling us just how fast this disease is spreading. So far, isolation of infected people is the only deterrent from this plague. It knows no borders and is not bigoted.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wednesday Stuff

I wonder if Apple and the band U2 are pondering what went wrong. Apple forced out the latest U2 music album to more than one-half billion customers. Even though the music is free, a lot of those iPhone and iPad users are plenty pissed. In fact, so much so that Apple had to release a special software tool for the removal of the music from devices of users. Personally, I don't use Apple products and I don't like the U2 band. Apple is just another arrogant big business whom think they can bully their way in the world. U2 comes off to me as being just plain arrogant. I've never liked their music and even though lead man Bono has talked some good deeds, he still turns me off.

I have for sale my Pentax DSLR camera. It is a 2008 model K200D and is in good shape and working order. I also have some K-mount lenses that fit this and just about any Pentax SLR camera ever made. They include an 18-250mm zoom, a 105mm macro, and a 50mm f1.4 prime lens. I also have various filters for these lenses which include polarizers for each of them. If interested, leave a note at volmanken@gmail.com.

Be kind, my friends ...

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sweet Love

The coming cold and gloomy days are Mother Nature’s way of telling us to stay indoors and make sweet love. It is the reason more babies are conceived during winter than any other season. I was conceived in the back seat of a borrowed Buick in November when my father was A.W.O.L. from the army. Let’s do it.

I am finished with deleting photos from Flickr. There are several I’ve kept and made private but most are gone forever. The ones I’ve left are those of family, friends, and a few that have special meaning for me. It took something like this to show me what I’ve always suspected and that is how terrible I was at photography any way.

I am into a nasty comment exchange over on Facebook with some tea partiers.  No one has unfriended me as I write this.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Girls like their COCKS!

Some very pretty University of South Carolina girls like their cocks big and fast. As I watched a football game between S.C. and the University of Georgia Saturday evening, the Carolina cheerleaders kept holding up large “COCKS” signs. Man, if I was young, I wouldn’t hesitate a moment to enroll at that school. Surely even shy I could score amongst girls who like cocks that well.

Sammy and Mason were here for nearly eleven hours yesterday. Sammy climbed on my back, put his legs around my neck, grabbed my ears, and I was transformed into a motorcycle. I must have been a trail bike because the riding was rough and long.

Have a beautiful Worsh Day!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Morning Coming Down

My favorite Sunday morning song.
Have a great week!

Saturday, September 13, 2014


Cloudy, wintry look outside today even though the world is still green. A day for blues and melancholy. I don’t look forward to winter but I know another lovely spring will follow in its time. There is not much positive about winter except it is a time to stay indoors and make sweet, easy love. Oh, to be once more young.

The boys will be here tomorrow and I will be worn to a frazzle by the time they leave. They both compete for lap time on me because I find things on the PC for them to see. Mason wants “Choo-choos” and Sammy wants latest super-hero toys. Yes, the do fight.

Big football game tonight for my Tennessee Volunteers. The young team has little chance of winning but it will be a learning experience they will need. Their day will come, maybe not this year but soon.

Stay easy, dear friends.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Another Friday

Another Friday. Back when I was working it was the day of the week to look for. When working out of town on construction, Friday was payday and the day to go home for a few short hours. Many of my older co-workers would not make the trip back and forth each weekend, some choosing to stay away for a month or even more. We younger ones, especially we whom were married, could not wait to get away from the work place and on the road toward home. We were often accused of coming home with nothing but a sack of dirty clothes and an erection. Pretty much true, too.

Have a great weekend, dear friends.

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Thirteen years ago today America began to grow old. We spent two and one-quarter centuries in the exuberance of youth and the complacency of middle-age before the unfolding events of 9/11 jerked us out of our snug but mediocre existence and into the realm of fear which the rest of the world lives. However, if we are vigilant we need not fear. The government sure wants us to be remain scared of our own shadows. George Bush was elected president in 2004 when he ran on a platform of fear. We came to find out that he was the biggest threat to our way of life. If we want to do so, we can retake our government from the special interests that now run it. Wake up America; it ts once more time for us to assert the notion of We The People are in control just as the wisdom of our forefathers intended.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Spell on You

Not a lot going on today so I will present a tune and take my leave.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014


I heartily believe that Christians should take one-half of one week’s per month monetary offering to their church and give it to a decent charity such as St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital or Shriners Hospitals for Children. Both of these organizations depend on donations to care for these suffering kids and neither of them charge anything to the children’s parents for the loving care given. After all, the churches will still exist just fine without the few extra dollars from each member and thousands of affected children and their families around the world will be better off.  “Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.” 2nd Corinthians Chapter 9, verse 7.
You may say ‘well, it is easy for Ken to dispense advice because he doesn’t give to any church’. Yes, that is true that I don’t give to a church. None the less, we buy a lot from Amazon online, from groceries to clothing to household stuff to electronics, to children’s needs and wants and for each purchase a portion of the profits go to St. Jude hospital.
Please help make a difference in the lives of these sick kids.

Monday, September 08, 2014

Dancing in the Moonlight

All is good in the hills even though autumn is bearing down on us as if we were deer frozen in its headlights.

The boys were here yesterday and were as always, enjoyable. However, as they are growing bigger, they are becoming more rowdy and are quarrelsome with each other. I don’t know how much longer we can stand to have them stay the day together. Carolyn and I were exhausted when they left us last evening. Maybe we will have to take a Sunday in turn for each of them.

Tonight is a full moon, a harvest moon, and a super moon. I think I may stand on the porch and moon passers-by in celebration. I too can show a super moon.

I have deleted more than one-thousand photos from Flickr and have about that many left there. I am in no hurry to shed them but in the end, they must go.

As much as I detest Facebook, I think it will be my home for socializing on the net. I have friends from Flickr and from Megashot there. I tried Google Plus but it is not for me. I am also trying video chatting and I like it pretty well.

Friday, September 05, 2014

Now and Then

Have you noticed how quickly ‘now’ becomes ‘then’? All our moments are preciously fleeting and should be used to the fullest.

Yep, autumn is surely coming. I haven’t seen a robin in the past week, tulip poplar leaves are yellowing and falling, and it is sinus season.

Since I shaved off my mustache, I’ve been considering doing the same with my chest hair, oiling up, and maybe standing in front of a mirror doing flexes and such. But then I figured my reflection would faint when it saw my sagging boobs. I am glad I am heterosexual or I would probably fall in love with myself.

Good fortune to Sandy’s husband Don as he tries to beat his personal best of a whopping 337 mph in his streamliner at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

I spent a bit of time on Flickr yesterday and this morning deleting photos. I want to have them all gone before I give up my pro account which doesn’t expire until next May. Internet life can be complicated.

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Thursday's child

Happy Birthday, Aunt Ivy!

Another week about gone. Thursday is a decent day; I was born on a Thursday. I remember it well, too. Hot, it was. My soon to be mom was with the family, hoeing weeds from the tobacco patch. They had just returned to work after dinner when I decided I had enough of the over-heated swimming pool I had been in for months so i began kicking and screaming to be turned loose into the big world. All work immediately ceased and just after three o’clock I was brought into the light by Dr. Brabson whom had been summoned from Jonesboro by one of my uncles walking the two miles to town I was born a bluish color and the doc couldn’t get me to draw my first breath. After the normal procedures all failed, they tried alternating warm and cold water on me which were of no avail; I was just being stubborn. One of the mid-wives lurking about took me on her lap and began to shake me with her knees. Nothing. The doc then went to my mom and told her that I would not live and just then I squawed, pooped, and came to be. Here I am three score and ten years later and I am still stubborn.

I said my goodbyes on Flickr, fixed my blogs to where they won’t be broadcast around the web, took care of a few more problems, and am now in pretty good surfing shape. One thing I want to do is rid myself of my G+ account but Google–in its heavenly wisdom–forces my Youtube account to be tied to G+. If I remove G+, I can no longer upload my videos like I used to and I do not want to delete the Youtube movies of the boys.

Wednesday, September 03, 2014


I had another near sleepless, wasted night and am shaky today.

Autumn is in the nighttime air; the days are still hot and lazy but the nights are cooling in promise of the coming change. I don’t look forward to winter.

Americans think it is a terrible abomination when one of our citizens is beheaded in Iraq but when our kids are gunned down in our public schools we seem to end up thinking it is alright for every nutcase to arm himself with assault weapons. We are just as much terrorists as are those whom have no respect for any life outside their tiny minds.

Today I make more changes in my net life. I will take a leave of absence from Flickr. I will also stop having this blog showing up on Twitter. As soon as I find how to do it, I will have posts from Blogger stop showing on G+. I don’t want to be everywhere.


My shaved lip is cold; glad I didn't await winter to shave it.

Shaving my mustache has made the long hairs growing out of my nose look ridiculous. I must take a few hours and give them a good trim. It is good I cannot see my ears for I suspect the wild hairs in and on them are longest ones on my body.

I hate being ignored even if I deserve it. I may just have a snit and pout a bit.

Almost that time of year for my autumn bath in the creek. Now that I am using my cane more I see no reason I cannot make the effort and get into the cold water. Besides, I like being naked in the woods.

Looks like I've lost a few readers. I still remember my first few blogs on old Blog Spot. Alice was my first and most loyal reader and my second posting back in '06 drew a comment which caused me to be hooked on writing the pages ever since. My first commenter was Robin.

I am happy to be writing again. I have finished a story and have another in the cooker.

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Shaving the Zombie

I think I made the correct choice. The two night’s of lost sleep I wrote about earlier may have paid off. For two nights I wondered if I should shave my mustache and I concluded to do it. It is a done deed. My crumb and snot catcher for several years is no more. No, I don’t look any better and it not being there doesn’t make me feel any better. What is better is that I am over a wishy-washy period of my life; no more Charlie Brown for me. Now, I look for other places to shave.

… ——— …

I sat down to have a conversation with a zombie and first thing that happened was he stuck out his forefinger to make a point and the damn thing fell off. Awkward. I’d never interacted with a zombie before and all I could do was drop my jaw and stare for a moment while the scene registered in my mind. He looked at the stub on his hand then at me and seemed as incredulous as was I. The digit landed tightly against the side of his shoe as if it were trying to blend in. I quickly turned my head, trying to think of how I should react. When I looked back he was carefully placing the wayward finger in the breast pocket of his soiled suit. He apologized and I nodded and said no harm and that I hoped he could fix it. Anyway, it was good enough reason to end our palaver before it got started. We said our see you later’s and he went on his way and I continued my porch sitting, pondering what I just encountered. I concluded the world is a much different place than what most of us think it is or want it to be and we can either adapt (evolve) or die ignorant. I don’t think I want to be a zombie, though.

Monday, September 01, 2014

Labor Day 2014

Happy Labor Day, America. If you can, take time from summer’s last hurray and remember how this holiday day came about. Many men and women over the years gave their blood, sweat, tears, and even their lives to secure rights for workers and to keep children out of dangerous work places.

For a change, I am happy. I had a tough emotional weekend but two nights of sleeplessness allowed me to come to the conclusion that I should do whatever it takes to make me contented. Hopefully the trend will continue but with a lot more sleep.

Someone made a comment on a friend’s G+ that Sheryl Crow’s cover of the above song was better than the original by Guns N’ Roses. Crow’s rendition is very good but all I can say to the commenter is “Bull Shit”!

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