Sunday, September 29, 2013

Greg and Cher

"Borrowed" from Mark's blog.
Cher and Greg made a good duo in their short career together.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Rolling on the River of Time

Not much happening on the home front. The boys are growing faster than I dreamed they could. Seems like my grand kids were babies forever. Well, they will always be our babies.

I have missed several birthdays and anniversaries in the past ten days. The 19th was the anniversary of of my late friend’s birth; Happy Birthday, Fred. That same day was Fred’s and Alice’s wedding anniversary and it was also their daughter’s—Vanessa— birthday. Happy Birthday, Vanessa. Happy Birthday to my Bride who was born on the twentieth.

Tree leaves, like the season itself, are slowly changing color. Tulip poplars in my yard are turning bright yellow and brown.

The knee is coming along slowly and the angle to being straight is minus twelve degrees. The therapists are now going to work the knee until I reach my maximum pain threshold. That should get the leg close to zero degrees within a few weeks. I hope to be walking a bit with a cane by Christmas. They have me doing more exercise at home; it is time consuming and sometimes exhausting but I need much more leg strength and overall endurance. I have been off narcotic pain pills for a week; I didn’t use one before rehab yesterday. I may try to drive the Escape in about another week.

After rehab yesterday, we ordered take-out cheeseburgers from The Cottage. It was about 5:30 pm and I was able to see and talk with some of my pals from the days when I was a very frequent visitor to the drinking and dining delights of the place. It did my heart good to see these guys and shake their hands. It was only a minute before the old days were brought up and lost memories came back for me. Sony, Wayne, Mike, and Phil: I was happy to see y’all once more. Bill would have been there but like myself, he is recovering from knee replacement surgery. I cannot understand why they have aged so much but I am still the same as i was in 1985. I was a regular at The Cottage from 1974 until the mid nineteen-nineties.

I am now going to check the TV and see if my Tennessee Vols will be shown. The team they play today is no match for them but I still gotta watch if they are on.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Summer days

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Autumn falls

Our first real autumn day this year in the hills; cool temps with high overcast. About time to put the flannel sheets on the beds; for some reason Carolyn doesn’t like them but they are much warmer on chilly nights. I dislike cold weather about as much as I dislike tea-partiers.

I need to adjust the seat a little higher on the exercise bike; the new knee is trying to go knock-kneed and that is a big no-no. I hope to get a pic of me riding the machine, hair blowing in the wind as I virtually cruise the back roads of my memories. I probably need to wear a crash helmet for such voyages.

Sammy or Mason has lost my cap; I’ve had to leave home twice without it. The suspects are admitting nothing.

Both boys attended the fair back in August. Sammy wanted to loiter in the animal section and Mason didn’t care as long as there was something going on around him.

Tomorrow is back to the therapist and then to have blood work done.

Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The people we meet along the way

The first time I saw ‘Mary” was one day while returning to my room at rehab. She was in a wheelchair in front of the nurse’s station with her arms raised in the air and moving them much like a 60′s flower child at a “Dead” concert. She looked to be in her thirties and had long and straight brown hair. Her eyes were closed as if she were lost in some far-away place. Carolyn and I got by her and went on to my room, neither of us paying the young lady too much attention.

A few days later while I was waiting for lunch to be served, I was shaving with my electric Norelco when I heard someone entering the room; it was Mary. I was shaving my left cheek and she wheeled her chair up beside me and began making circular motions in the air with her left hand. I stopped shaving and she said “check the other side; I just shaved it for you”. I was taken aback when she continued “I’m a witch, you know?”. Carolyn was there and we all talked a bit about witches and witching in general. I almost forgot about the shave when she again asked me to check my cheek to see if it was shaved. I rubbed my fingers over my skin and the whiskers were still there but not wanting to disappoint her I put on my best “amazed” look and told her they were gone and i thanked her.

Next time and the last time I saw Mary was in the rehab gym. Carolyn and I had just wheeled into the room when Mary again came up beside me. She looked at me and said “I would marry you sometime”. Again I was surprised at the brief statement but sputtered that I was flattered by her words and that she would be a fine woman for any man. It was one time when my spouse had nothing to say for a few minutes. Before Mary could say anything else, her nurse found her and wheeled her away. We found out a few days afterward that her daughter had taken her home later that same day.

Not much of a story but Mary is someone that Carolyn and I will always remember. I hope she heals and that she will always keep doing good deeds and saying the right words; the world needs many good witches.
Tomorrow is surgeon checkup and Friday is appointment with my regular doctor. Knee is still very sore and the leg will not straighten more tan what it was two weeks after surgery. I am disappointed and losing my belief that I will ever walk again.

Monday, September 02, 2013


Obama and Congress: Use the money earmarked for killing people in Syria to help help America's poor and middle-class. We need affordable healthcare, decent education possibilities, and jobs that pay enough for us not to need food stamps and government aid. Choose peace -- choose people.

A hard weekend of work on straightening knee. I have to go to out-patient therapy each day this week; those guys work with the patient and not with a clock. At Quillen, each therapist was allotted only forty-five minutes with each patient. When that time was up, the therapist went to a different person and left us to get back to our room as best we could. In reality, each patient receives only about two hours of therapy each day and if it is not targeted therapy, much of that time is wasted.

I am saying a heartfelt thank you to all of you who have stayed the course with me during this time. Jeremy, Alice, Jola, Maggie, Sandy, Mark, Robin, Kalpana, and to any others whom my weakened memory has neglected; I love all of you.

Special appreciation to my dear Bride who was with me nearly everyday of my stay in Quillen and who sacrificed her own health to make mine better. Thank you Carolyn; I love you very much.

Have a great Worshday, my friends.

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