Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Happy 87th Dot

Happy Birthday, Dot!

You always said that we would miss you when you were gone, but I don't think any of us knew how much you really would be missed.

We all love you very much.

From Wayne, Ivy and all the rest.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Happy Birthday Carolyn

Happy birthday punkin.

I'll leave you alone the rest of the day and not pester you further about turning 60.

So go ahead and remove your glasses and put your teeth in a cup and take your afternoon nap as you oldsters are so prone to do.

And yes, the color you had put on your hair looks natural.

No, I'm not thinking of auctioning you off on eBay as an antique.

Who would ever believe that a lad of my tender years would be in love with a 60 year old woman?

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Happy Birthday Vanessa

Happy birthday, 'Nessy. I hope you are having a good one.

Your dad would have celebrated his birthday with you, as would your mom, being it would have been their anniversary.


I really miss you. It seems like I think of some of your witty sayings more often as of late; at least you thought they were witty. I can still see you climbing out that old, green Chevy truck. It was a better fit for your personality than was the big Ford. If Ken Moore is remembering your day, I'll bet that he is cracking open one of those disgusting Buds.

Take care, my friend.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Who Was The Real Adam?

As I am one of the two smartest people in the world—I don't know who the other one is—I am often asked questions that require the deepest of thoughts for an answer that is matter of fact, in as much as the evidence will allow.

One such question which is asked more than I think it should be is: "Who was the "real" Biblical Adam"?

There is only one true answer.

Adam was the first human created by God.

If the question had been "Who was the real Adam?", then the answer would be quite different. If you combine the Adam of Genesis with historical fact and reasoning, then Adam was the first person who's legend was passed down to other generations.

Adam was the first remembered man.

Either way, Adam would have been the first man, but the historical Adam may have not been called Adam at all. The Bible may have influenced the remembrance of the historical man as Adam, or he may actually have been called Adam, thus influencing the creation story.

I Remember Bob Thaves

I recently found out that another of my mentors died. Bob Thaves, creator of the very popular Frank & Earnest comic strip, died on August 1st at age 81.

From his "Malaprop Man" strips to his legendary looks at human evolution, or the lack of human progress, Bob kept ordinary folk in his sights. I sometimes compared him—often at the expense of Bob's discomfort—to another of my teachers, the late Walt Kelly, as they both found the meaning of life early in their careers.

Bob was well educated, with both bachelor's and master's degrees in psychology, although he never let educated truth interfere with the facts of human spontaneity.

Bob, I will always remember you.

PS: Tom, I know that you will carry your father's banner high.

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