Monday, April 13, 2015

Now and Then


Run Hillary, run! Run for the border that is. We do not need more of the problems and that is all the Republicans and Democrats desire to give us. The two parties want and need to keep the status quo so that big business money flows into their coffers. A pox on both their houses!

When I was a kid and riding somewhere with my parents, we would at times pass a public park where kids played and families picnicked. I dreamed of how nice it must be to have such a place to play and I was very envious of those kids riding swings, slides, and having other fun opportunities. When finally I grew up, I realized that living in the country and having fields and woods, along with rocks and stumps was a much better experience for a youngster than what the city kids had at a controlled park. After all, I had the world as a playground whereas the urban kids had a “neighborhood” and maybe a few blocks where one street was much like the other.  and did not offer much challenge to a curious and developing imagination.

The boys are covered with poison ivy rash which they caught at a public park where they were playing.

Finally cancelled my Flickr Pro account. Wasn’t using it and it was not worth $25 per year for the little I do there.

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