Thursday, June 22, 2006

Happy Happy-Joy Joy

Today, for the first time in more than a month, I feel as if I may recover. I can, at least, use the computer keyboard without too much difficulty. Now to start getting over the depression that I've inflicted on myself.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Cath. Part Two

The un-needed cath. went as expected; they found nothing; no heart of any kind. Actually, about a month ago my arthritis doc finally talked me into getting a "family doctor" for general purposes. I told Carolyn that a family doctor these days is nothing more than a specialist referral service. So I went to the new doc, Dr. Guha, and she stuck her finger in my butt and referred me to an urologist, who found nothing wrong with my prostate after sticking his finger in my butt. Dr. Guha sent me to a heart doc for a stress test, in which I passed the stress part, but failed the follow-up scan (I guess I should have studied harder). He found a shadow and thought that I had a blockage. After the cath, he realized that, because of my height, I may have been mis-aligned in the scanner. That caused my diaphragm to shadow over part of my heart, resulting in the mistake. I was expecting the heart doc to stick his finger in my butt, too.

Fearing infection from the incision for the cath., the arthritis doc took me off my meds for three weeks, because they are immune suppressors. So, I am now nearly bed ridden, being so sore from the arthritis that I can't do much. I can go back on the meds Thursday next, but it will take them about two weeks to affect me. You can imagine how peeved I am at the medical system. Other than that, life is great.

I'll bet that the docs and the hospital will expect me to pay for all these "services".

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