Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Around the Homestead

My worst drawback in entertaining the boys is they don’t yet understand my dark sense of humor. Sammy just says “Papaw’s crazy” but Mason may be catching onto me a bit. Sunday he pushed me down into a chair and when I squalled like I was in agony, he grinned. Jaden–whom we now call ‘Little Bear’–growls and shakes his finger at me.

We’ve had a very warm spring so far; a slight case of dogwood winter has been the only setback. Temps have been around 90° (32°C) a few times.

I’ve finally got Carolyn to making biscuits again. I sure missed them the several years she didn’t bake them. I don’t pressure her too much for them because it causes her to get out of her comfort zone of baking her favorite canned biscuits or worse, light bread.
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