Monday, February 16, 2015

February Freeze

It is 28°F (-2.2C), raining, sleeting, snowing, and windy. Mother Nature is not even trying to get on my good side. Probably won’t be long until the power lines come down but I have my dollar flashlight handy, my phone is charged, and the kerosene heater is filled and waiting in the living room.

All things equal, tomorrow will be my last day with Comcast internet service. We are going back to the phone company’s slower but more reliable (I hope) DSL service. We dropped Comcast’s cable TV service last week and with a small outdoor antenna we still receive 15 over-the air stations, all clear digital plus five of them are high-definition.

I just finished pissing off some pseudo-Christian conservatives over on Facebook. Makes me happy to accommodate their complete ignorance of the bible and our Constitution. I usually ignore them but I am in a bad mood because of the gloom and doom weather.
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